Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chopping Onions

Onions usually chopped, sliced or garnished in almost all the dishes. They can be pungent, mild or sweet depending on their variety. They can be cooked in a main course or serve as an accompaniment which can be eaten raw. Do mind the fingers while using sharp knife. While cutting and cooking onions, a very strong aroma spreads through all around. While peeling the onions, supply ample amount of water to prevent the gas from reaching the eyes. Eye irritation or watery eyes can be avoided if they are submerged well in water. When the onions are evenly diced, it's quick and easy to cook.

Onion                         1


  • Submerge the onion in water for couple of mins. and peel the skin. Once peeled, rinse once under running water.
  • Cut in half and set the flat cut side down onto the cutting board, with the arch like facing up.
  • Cut vertically lengthwise along the onion, cutting almost but not touching the root. Don't quite get to the root at this point.
  • Now cut horizontally from the stalk and towards the root, again not touching the root. 
  • It's easy now to cut crosswise to small pieces or to dice evenly. 
  • The onions are now chopped evenly and can be tossed while cooking.

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