Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Egg Porutu/Egg Bhurji

Egg Porutu .aka. Egg Bhurji is a quick dish anyone can make in an instance.If you don't have time or if you are feeling tired then the quickest dish which you can ever make is an egg dish.My mom used to make Egg Porutu often and now I make the same dish with a little variation to it by adding extra veggies to it making more healthier.

! Eggs                                             4
! Onion(medium)                            1
! Capsicum                                     1
! Tomato                                         1
! Chopped Coriander Leaves      1 tbsp.
! Spring Onion                               1 stem
! Curry Leaves                               few
! Dry Red Chilli                              1
! Chana Dal                                   1 tbsp.
! Urad Dal                                     1 tbsp.
! Cumin Seeds                               1 tsp.
! Mustard Seeds                            1 tsp.
! Salt                                              to taste
! Turmeric Powder                         1 tsp.
! Red Chilli Powder                        2 tsps.
! Coriander Powder                       1 tsp.
! Garam Masala                             1 tsp.
! Oil                                               2 tbsps.

  • Break eggs into a bowl and beat it well.
  • Chop onions,capsicum,tomato and spring onion into small pieces and keep aside.
  • Heat a non stick skillet and add oil to it.Once the oil is hot add chana dal and urad dal.Once they turn light golden then add cumin seeds,mustard seeds,red chilli,curry leaves.Let the mustard seeds splatter.
  • Now add in chopped onions and let them turn transparent.Once they turn transparent add chopped capsicum and sautee well.Place the lid and cook on low flame till the capsicum pieces are soft.
  • Now add in tomato and spring onion and stir well.Add coriander leaves and mix well.
  • Add turmeric powder,red chilli powder,coriander powder,garam masala and salt accordingly and sautee well till all the spices are well blended with the vegetables.
  • Now pour in beaten egg batter and stir continously till the egg  is well cooked.Cook till it's done.
  • Once the egg leaves the side of the pan it becomes nice chunks.Turn off the heat.
  • Egg Porutu is ready to be served with Chapati.

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  1. Siri, I made this curry for my family last night and it was a huge hit. The kids loved it as well as TVN. And I was so happy because I knew they were eating something very nutricious. I have made egg curry numerous times, but never have added vegetables. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I am looking forward to trying more of the recipes on this site.

  2. Thanks Venkati and good to know that it's a hit.Surely will post more recipes and tips.