Friday, February 12, 2010

Cherry Ice On Sticks

Ice Creams !!!!Who doesn't like them?Grown-ups and kids compete for the appetizing and fun food.Not only is it easy to prepare,but you'll find they satisy everyone's needs and most importantly they're delicious!Take help of your kids in making them and see beautiful smiles on their face.If you are busy with making other party arrangements and don't have much time on hand then just the night before make this snack and toss in the freezer and take out just before serving...and rock with ice on sticks.
My elder daughter likes to help me in almost everything...but I don't let her do most of the times....but these kind of simple and tasty ones ...I make sure she helps me as I can see a glow on her face.My kids enjoyed having them the next day as an afternoon snack.

! Cherries                                    1 1/2 cups
! Icing Sugar                              3 tbsps.
! Lemon Juice                            1 tbsp.
! Cup Cake Holders                   4
! Wooden Ice Cream Sticks     4

  • Wash and clean the cherries and take out the pits.Keep the cherries in another bowl.
  • In a blender add cherries,icing sugar,lemon juice and blend till the mixture is pureed well and foam appears on top.
  • Once the mixture is ready pour in the cup cake holders and place a wooden stick in each holder.
  • Leave to freeze overnight.Just before serving take out from the freezer.
  • Briefly dip the holders into hot water,make sure not to immerse the holders completely into the water.Only the bottom edges should touch the water,so that the holders loosen and only the ice on sticks comes out.
  • Ice on sticks are ready to be served.Place those ice sticks back in the cup cake holders .
  • Arrange Cherry Ice On Sticks and serve immediately to kids.
  • Cherry Ice On Sticks makes a pleasing party snack for kids.

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